Cristiana Battistella contemporary dance and Vinyasa yoga teacher, performerin and independent choreographer, trained in Italy, France, Austria and Germany. She lives in Berlin.

Since the beginning of her artistic career, the performing, creative and didactic aspects have been intertwined, enriching and inspiring each other.

Over the years, she has met and worked with choreographers of great artistic depth and international renown.

Since the mid-1980s, she began choreographing as a dancer-author for other dancers, companies and schools. 

During these years she also began teaching contemporary dance and choreographic composition in Italy and Germany for amateurs and professionals.

In Italy between 2008 and 2011, she is co-founder and president of the cultural association "derRAUM-StudioDanza Contemporanea" and of the regional movement "REV- rete veneta arti performative", both active in the dissemination of contemporary dance in the territory.

She is currently active as a dance and yoga teacher and collaborates with directors, actors and musicians for theatre productions and concerts, including Frank Panhans - GRIPS Theater Berlin, Frank Smilgies and Sebastian Rüger -Ulan&Bator, Vincent Sebastian Andreas -Kammerchor Nikolassee, Berlin.


A S   A    P E R F OR M E R

As a dancer she has worked and collaborated with various choreographers in contemporary dance companies in Italy, Germany and Denmark, engaged in European tours:

Carolyn Carlson for the company of the Biennale di Venezia, Teri Weikel in Milan/Modena, Cesare Ronconi Teatro Val D' Oca in Milan/Cesena, Rodolpho Leoni in Düsseldorf, Urs Dietrich in Essen, Stephan Brinkmann in Köln, Joachim Schlömer for the Deutsche-Nationaltheater in Weimar, Camilla Stagea Kopenhagen and with the musician Gunda Gottschalk in Wuppertal.

She also took part as a mime-dancer for a year in the programme 'Wenn dann die show' for the German television channel Kika _ARD and ZDF



She received a scholarship from Susanne Linkea Vienna (1990) and one from the "In Teatro" Production Centre in Polverigi for choreography (1998).

As performer and choreographer of the ENY Solo, she won the Audience Award and 2nd Jury Prize at the International Wettbewerb Tanztheater Erfurt -D (2010).

The Solo TANZFORMATION choreographed for Valentina Dal Mas was selected and invited to take part in World Event Young Artists 2012 in Nottingham-England.


D A N C E    T R A I N I N G    

She began her training as a dancer at the Centro Studi Coreografici S. Calimero in Milan Italy (now Centro Studi Coreografici Teatro Carcano) directed by Aldo Masella and Renata Bestetti.

She then graduated at the Civica Scuola d' Arte Drammatica P. Grassi in Milan Italy (like UDK) Theatre-Dance Section, directed by Renato Palazzi - 1990.

He also obtained a Bachelor of Arts at the Folkwanghochschule Universität der Künste in Essen- Germany, directed by Pina Bausch (1994).

In these places and during his training he came into contact with great masters of dance and theatre, sources of great artistic inspiration. 

To name but a few: 

Teri Weikel, Adriana Borriello, Pierre Droulers, Yoshi Oida, Cesare Ronconi, Fabrizio Monteverde, Hans Züllig, Jean Cébron, Malou Airaudo, Carolyn Carlson, Susanne Linke, Dominique Mercy, Libby Nye, ​Lutz Förster, Alain Platel.

And again Raffaella Giordano, Giorgio Rossi, Roberto Castello, Abbondanza/Bertoni, Jorma Uotinen, Larrio Ekson, Peter Goss, Alex D' Orsay, Mat Mattox.

O T H E R    D I S C I P L I N E S

In addition to her training as a dancer, she has also studied the art of Tai-chi-chuan with Ermanno Cozzi, the Alexander technique with Nadia Kevan and Chris Stevens, the Feldenkrais method and especially Yoga, which she has been practising since 1995, until becoming a Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher.


Vocal study and research in relation to movement plays a fundamental role in Cristiana Battistella's training and artistic research.

She studied voice in Italy and Germany with Danio Manfredini, Maria Consagra, Sabine Uitz, singing with Emanuele De Checchi, polyphonic singing with Catherine Robin and Annunziata Matteucci (seminars).

In recent years she has systematically deepened the ROY HART method with Walli Höfinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Edda Heeg, Ulrik Rømer Barfod.