Through technical work, the aim is to provide the means to prepare the dancer's body to be an "instrument", a "narrator's medium". But this is not enough.

In addition to mastering one's own body, which is achieved through the repetition of codified movements, the aim is also to cultivate and refine a growing awareness and perception of the energy of the physical body and of the subtle body, of the external and internal space.

We want to prepare not only a dancer, but a person dancing.

In respect of individual peculiarities and qualities.


The technique lesson is inspired by the principles of some of the masters of contemporary dance: K.Jooss-Leede, J. Limón, A. Nikolais, elaborated through a look, an experience and a personal search for movement.

The heating phase is divided into two parts, one on the ground and one vertically.

On the ground, mind and body are freed from tensions and blocks.

We begin to experience the relationship between breath, weight, support points, centre and periphery of the body, propulsive thrust, tension and relaxation.

We move organically to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and loosen the joints, thus preparing for the work that follows.

Vertical warming continues in a systematic way, activating all the various parts of the body.

Finally, the body is projected into space, experimenting with new dynamics and quality of movement, concluding with crossings and short choreographic compositions.